Jane X
Jane X

Oil on watercolour paper Jan 2021 © Adam Grose

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La Roca de Andalucia
La Roca de Andalucia

Flow and Art Project Malaca Instituto, Malaga, Spain Feb - May 2014 © Adam Grose

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Ordo Ab Chao
Ordo Ab Chao

Heart Trail in Taunton July 2021 Bath Place © Adam Grose

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Adam Grose explores forms of layering, fragility, erasure and exposé that investigates the human condition under the theme of 'lost generations' and 'mapping'.

 Grose's images are grounded in research from archives, history and locality, exploring the legible and the erased, whilst seeking to capture a sense of the passage of time. 

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Exploring Landscape: 1984 - 2022

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The Lost Generations

Our Echoes in the Present



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