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Creech (Chard Canal/ Tree) | £45.00 (postage and tracking included)


This is a block print of a tree growing along the embankment of the old Chard Canal that ran to Chard from Creech St Michael in Somerset. It was built just before the arrival of the railway.

This image is taken from Creech St Michael where part of the canal is in ruins. The reservoir in Chard is now a bird and animal sanctuary. The closing of the canal was authorised by an Act of Parliament in 1867.

These prints are made from four woodcut block prints. The blocks where lightly pressed, creating a stippling effect, with many layers of colour laid on top of one another, adding depth to the image.  There are 15 editions available with each a unique pressing by hand.

The print is printed on eco-recycled acid free cartridge paper.

Click image to view a larger detail version.  Click purchase and click Creech (Tree) on the left anchor menu to purchase securely  via PayPal.

01 Creech - Chard Canal - Tree - Block print - 2022-23_0001.jpg

Adam Grose explores forms of layering, fragility, erasure and exposé that investigate the human condition under the theme 'lost generations'.  His images are born from archives, history and locality, exploring the legible and the erased, whilst seeking to capture a sense of the passage of time. 


 Grose layers imagery to obscure, destroy, hide, cover, manipulate, strip and wash away history, symbolising the passage of time, transitions and the effects of a forgotten past upon our collective memory and history.

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Lost Generations

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