Adam Grose's work can be purchased from a variety of sites listed above.  Click on the link to open in a new window.  His paintings, prints and sculptures are also available to purchase directly and securely (PayPal).  Contact about any of work you see on this website that you are interested in purchasing.


 We will send details of its/ their cost and delivery prices.  Once confirmed for purchasing, we will arrange a PayPal invoice to purchase securely.  Once payment has cleared we will begin the process of packing and posting.


'Purchasing direct from the artist's studio has the advantage of making significant cost

savings due to no commission charges via third party websites.'


 Commissions, bespoke art, requests and offers are welcomed.  We are a friendly, supportive, customer service driven studio from enquiry to purchase to final delivery of an original work of art that is professionally made using the best quality materials and will last a lifetime and more for future generations.  Supporting and purchasing a work of art from an artist brings not only the joy of owning an original work of art, but you become a patron of the arts for future generations. 


  • For more information and details please contact us here

  • Testimonials from other collectors can be viewed here.

  • All work is shipped with 'track and trace' with appropriate insurance covering value.

  • Any import taxes are not covered by us, therefore it is advisory to check if import taxes may apply for items over a certain amount.