Opportunity: ING Discerning Eye Exhibition.  Break On Through chosen for exhibition.  Nov 19th 2020 - Dec 31st 2020.

LOCKDOWN | 2nd November - 2nd December.  Workshops postponed until 3rd December.

Workshops: Printmaking sessions at the Creative Innovation Centre, Memorial Hall, Paul Street, Taunton.  Thursday mornings: 09:30 - 12:30.  15th October - 17th December 2020

Opportunity: RWA 168th Open Exhibition.  Bob X chosen for exhibition.  7th Dec 2020 - March 2021.

RWA Secret Postcard Auction. June. Three monotype prints donated to help raise funds for the RWA.  All three prints sold to help raise one of the biggest fundrasing amounts and secure the RWA for future generations.

LOCKDOWN | 23rd March - October.  Workshops postponed.

Workshops: Printmaking sessions at the Creative Innovation Centre, Memorial Hall, Paul Street, Taunton.  Thursday mornings: 09:30 - 12:30.  Feb - April. 


Exhibition:  Kingston St Mary Somerset Art Works Exhibition.  Village Hall.  21st Sept - 29th Sept 2019.  Exhibiting prints as part of the 25th Anniversary of Somerset Art Works #artsweek19 festival.

Opportunity: Black Swan Open.  Entered a work for consideration for their open exhibition.  18th Sept 2019.

Opportunity: Discerning Eye Drawing Bursary.  Entered three works for consideration for the bursary.  17th Sept 2019.

Workshops: Printmaking sessions at the Creative Innovation Centre, Memorial Hall, Paul Street, Taunton.  Thursday mornings: 09:30 - 12:30.  12th September - 21st November 2018.

Discussion: @BWing Artists in discussion - Ex-art tutor from Prison Education discuss their experience working within prison education.  22nd September 2019.  HMP Shepton Mallet Prison.  Part of www.somersetartworks.org.uk #artsweek19 festival 21st Sept - 6th October 2019.

Workshop: Monotype Printing at Food Festival, Taunton.  Aug 2018.

Exhibition: GoCreate: Imagination Exhibition at Taunton Library.  Aug 2019 (3 prints exhibited with other artists from the community of Taunton).

Workshops: Printmaking session at Creative Innovation Centre, Memorial Hall, Paul Street, Taunton.  5th July - 02nd Aug 2019.

Exhibition: GoCreate: Imagination Exhibition at The Brewhouse.  July 2019.  Four prints exhibited with Jenny Keogh, Liz Hutchin and Jenny Glynn-Smith with community arts project.

Exhibition: GoCreate: Inspiration Exhibition at Tacchi Morris.  Part of Taunton Live Festival.  July 2019.

Exhibition: GoCreate Members Exhibition at Creative Innonvation Centre, Paul Street, Taunton.  July 2019.

Opportunity: RWA Open Exhibition at RWA Bristol.  Entered 'Floating (In Historical Abyss' for consideration.

Opportunity: Fifty Bees Exhibition at Black Swan Gallery, Frome. (June)

Workshops: Mosterton Art Group.  Mische technique.  3 sessions.  May & June 2019

Exhibition:  Taunton Visitor Centre.  World Ccup Cricket Exhibition.  02 - 30th June 2019

Exhibition: Straggler's Cafe, Somerset Cricket Club - Etching Prints.  01 - 31st May 2019

Artwork: Sold painting to a collector in Berlin.

Instagram: #100 day project. March - June 2019

Opportunity: RWA Open Exhibition - Sculpture.  Entered small sculptures for consideration (Feb)

Opportunity: SKY Arts Portrait and Landscape competition.  Feb & May 2019.

Opportunity: Plymouth 2020.  Residency and Exhibition Award.  Jan 3rd 2019.

Opportunity: RAMM - Exeter Museum residency application.  Jan 21st 2019.



Membership: Axisweb Member.  October 2018.

Workshop: Winsham Art Group.  October 2018.

Workshop: Food Festival, Taunton.  GoCreate. August 2018.

Workshop: GoCreate Festival.  21st July 2018.

Membership: RWA Artist Network Member.  July 2018.

Exhibition: GoCreate Festival.  Tacchi Morris exhibition with Jenny Keogh, Liz Hutchin, Diane Burnell and Jenny Glynn-Smith.

Exhibition: GoCreate Festival.  Members' Exhibition at CICCIC.  July 2018.

Exhibition: GoCreate Festival.  Adopt an Artist: Somerset Cricket Club. July 2018.

Opportunity: Axisweb Bursary.  May 2018.

Opportunity: SKY Arts Landscape Competition.  May 2018.

Workshops: Winsham Art Group.  Zinc etching.  April 2018.

Opportunity: SKY Arts Portrait Competition.  March 2018.

Workshops: Mosterton Art Group.  Zinc etching.  Feb & July 2018.

Workshops: The Old Brick Workshop, Wellington.  Zinc etching.  Jan, March, May & June 2018.

Opportunity:  New Geographies.  Applied for consideration for their opportunity and exhibition.  Jan 2018.




MUSE project: Working with various museums in Dorset and Somerset. Entered a proposal exploring mapping and use of local rock material creating monotype and woodblock printing, exploring the local area and utilising the museum's archive and the collection (Wells and Mendip Museum). During the residency I have proposed to form workshops working with the local schools and community to exploring making your own materials to create monotype prints and send these to friends in the UK and abroad, tracking the art to form a large digital map, mapping the data as a form of global mapping of mail art. (Shortlisted for an interview - April 2017) 


Mosterton Art Group: Sept 2017 - Aug 2018 (9 Sessions). Workshop tutor to the group. 


Contains Art Open Studio: I will be in residence at Contains Art during September 2017 producing new work. Monotypes and etchings using local rocks as pigments. 


Plymouth Arts Biannual Emerging Artist Award: Entered two prints for consideration. March 2017. (Unselected) 


SKY Arts Portrait Competition: Entered into the competition in March 2017. (Unselected) 


AN: Travel Bursary. Application for a travel bursary to take part in PAFOS 2017 at Cyprus College of Art. To develop new work and engage the local community both in Pafos/ Lemba & Watchet, Somerset. (9th Feb 2017) 


Contains Art: The Time Machine - HG Wells. Entered an image of a local rock from Watchet exploring various elements associated with time. (3rd Feb 2017) Image accepted for exhibition and for the Time Machine publication. Exhibition in Aug-Sept 2017


Prospectus 2017: Somerset Art Works. Prospect Event. Submitted application and proposal for consideration as part of the alternative art school with lead artist Anna Best and Curator Zoe Li. More details here and my proposal application here. [Received news as shortlisted on 13th January 2017] 


Pay and Display: Centrespace Gallery Open Exhibition entry. Neti Neti & Sea of Rock. January 2nd 2017. [Selected 11th January 2017] 




Mall Galleries: Representational Painting Exhibition Entry. December 2016. 


Holbourne Museum. Bath: Proposal for project working with local schools and portraiture. Submitted November 2016. 


Hesletine Gallery: The Wave Project. Exhibition of works to raise funds for The Wave Project's great causes. November 2016. 


Paintathon: Go Create, Taunton Live. 'Taunton Lives' painting awarded First Prize by Go Create Judges. Received 11th October 2016. 


Cass Art: Abstract Expressionism. Open Call. 8th October 2016. NETI NETI(Not This, Not That) entered for proposed exhibition in Islington, London.


Inland Festival: CMR Gallery. Members Exhibition. October 22nd - 23rd 2016. Entering three works for consideration. September 21st 2016. 


Black Swan Open: 14th Sept 2016. Entering work for consideration. [Sea of Rock selected for exhibition in October 2016] 


Drawing Bursary: The Discerning Eye. 12th Sept 2016. Entered work for consideration. Results: 14th October 2016. 


RWA 164th Open: Pre-selected. Two prints pre-selected for the second round of judging. Pangaea (2/2) and Pink Moon (1/3). 8th September 2016. 


Somerset Art Works: Kubla Khan exhibition. A Vision in a Dream | Monotype Print using local rock pigment and water from Watchet, West Somerset and Journey Around Belalcazar/ Ancestral Voices | Zinc Etching with Red Thread entered for selection. Based on the following passage. [Selected]        


'Five miles meandering with a mazy motion, Through wood and dale the sacred river ran, Then reached the caverns measureless to man, And sank in tumult to a lifeless ocean:   And 'mid this tumult Kubla heard from far, Ancestral voices prophesying war!'  


Samuel Coleridge [Stanza II, Lines 25-30]        


The Way We See It - Contains Art Exhibition. 17 September - 02 October 2016  Inland Festival: Entered for an exhibition exploring Redruth and its history. August 2016.  Somerset Art Works - Open Studios: Awarded Emerging Artist Opportuntiy at Contains Art (Watchet) for Open Studios. 01st Sept - 2nd October 2016. <http://www.containsart.co.uk> <http://somersetartworks.org.uk/openstudios16>  Kids Art Day: Contains Art, Watchet. Exploring Monotype Printing. 30th July 2016. <http://www.containsart.co.uk


Taunton Live Arts Festival: 18th-24th July 2016. Artist recording the week's event for a final painting to be unveiled and exhibited at Tacci Morris Gallery. <http://tauntonlive.co.uk


Mosterton Art Group: Conversations with Landscape. Four lessons exploring alternative ways of exploring landscape art and application of new ways in seeing. 


Somerset Art Works: Momentum - Emerging Artist Opportunity for Open Studios. Shortlisted for interviews at Old Brick Workshop (8th June) & Contains Art (15th June). <www.somersetartworks.org.uk


Black Swan Arts: Two postcards sent to 1000 Postcards event to raise funds for the gallery celebrating 30 years. <http://www.blackswan.org.uk/exhibitions_black_swan_arts_Detail.php?Black-Swan-Arts-30th-Anniversary-1000-Postcards-Sale-155


CERN Residency: Application for the CERN 3 month art residency (FACT, Liverpool) - June 2016.  Mosterton Art Group: Series of art lessons exploring 'Conversations with the Landscape'. May 31st, June 7th, 14th & 21st. 


Dreams and Apsirations: Co-curated an exhibition of work by children exploring their dreams and aspirations through creativity. Brewhouse Theatre, Taunton, May 13th - 5th June 2016.  


Fringe Arts Bath: Exhibiting Four Petrus Prints (Pangaea; Ecological; Occultus Universitas; Biomorph) at Utopia:Dystopia; Childhood (Painting) at White & Black exhibition and contributing an 800 written text on a drawing from a sculpture in Nicosia, Cyprus for Murmur exhibition's publication. <http://www.fringeartsbath.co.uk


trange Times Book Two: An illustration of Jackson Clemens and Mr Rock has been published in Book Two of Dave West's Strange Times. <www.accentukcomics.com


Sky Arts Landscape Competition: Entered landscape paintings for their consideration, 29th April 2016 


Karst Gallery, Plymouth: Call for proposals for exhibitions. Proposal for show with Jonathan Hayter exploring landscape and painting. 25th April 2016. 


Sky Arts Portrait Competition: Entered portraits for their consideration. 3rd April 2016. 


Kim Fielding Award: Application proposal for the opportunity to explore Wales and produce experimental work in response. 31st March 2016.



Plymouth Open Call: Plymouth College of Art. Open call for exhibition proposal opportunity. Applied a proposal titled 'Conversations' exploring our relationship with landscape and walking. 27th March 2016. 


Arts Council Forum, Bristol : What is it like being an artist in the UK today? - Survey via Artist Newsletter and roundtable discussion with the Arts Council and seven artists from various disciplines. 23rd March 2016. 


Fringe Arts Bath: Submission of various pieces for five exhibitions: Pattern; Beautiful Murmers; Self Hood; Utopia Dystopia and White & Black. March 13th 2016. <www.fringeartsbath.co.uk


The Arts Development Company: Submission for SDR Commission for circular walks at Black Down & Ridgeway. March 11th 2016. <https://www.facebook.com/artsdevelopmentcompany


Centrespace Gallery, Bristol: Pay and Display Exhibition. 4th March - 9th March 2016. One of Fifty selected to show Petrus: Aureola woodcut print. <www.centrespacegallery.co.uk


Somerset County Council: Artist - Easter Term art workshop with Somerset County Council in Bridgewater for care and foster children (11-16). April 16th & 17th 2016.


Institute for Advanced Studies at Bristol University: 'Walking the Walk'. Roundtable discussion group of artists, writers, tutors and scientists.  


Applied for painting exhibition opportunity at Turps Gallery, London. Proposal for show with Jonathan Hayter exploring the landscape and painting.  


RA Summer Show 2016: Petrus: Pangaea 2/2. Submission for Summer Show. 


Applied for Lynn-Stainers Painters Prize - 2015 <www.lynnpainterstainersprize.org.uk>  




Applied for RWA Membership at Royal West Academy, Bristol.  Applied for Transitions 2016 at Newlyn and The Exchange Galleries in Newlyn/ Penzance, Cornwall. 


Publications: Editing a new collection of stories as an anthology in newsprint (Clown Press). The Black Knight and Other Tales, Urban Art of Espana and Petrus: Hidden Earth, Hidden Worlds. (2016)


Petrus: Pangaea purchased by the Institute for Advanced Studies Art Collection at Bristol University (Oct 23rd).   


ROYAL WEST ACADEMY, Bristol. 163rd Open Exhibition - Group Show | 4th Oct - 29th Nov | Private Show 3rd Oct | Two woodcut PETRUS prints selected | Pink Petrus & Petrus: Microbe Printing | <www.rwa.org.uk


CENTRESPACE GALLERY, Bristol: OVERFLOW - Group Exhibition exploring EcoFeminisim | 2nd - 8th October 2015 | <www.centrespacegallery.com> Applied for London Group Exhibition, Griffin Prize Residency, Griffin Prize Open, Mall Galleries Figurative Open, WW Solo, Beers Contemporary Art, Plymouth Open, Exeter Contemporary Open. 


ARTBOX London: Summer Postcard Sale | Fold Gallery, 158 New Cavendish Street, London W1W 6YW | Over 150 artists with and without learning disabilities have submitted artwork to this anonymous sale. We are delighted not only with the quality of submissions but also the amount of interest we have had in this summer's exhibition. 20th - 27th August 2015 | <http://www.artboxlondon.org/exhibitions-1>


LOVESTEP - Silent Art Auction: Millenium Gallery, St Ives, Cornwall | 12th August 2015 | <http://lovestepartauction.tumblr.com/


CENTRESPACE GALLERY, Bristol: Centrespace Residency Award, Bristol, July 2015. Shortlisted. 


CMR Gallery, Redruth: Print and Book Fair, March 2015.  PRU Art GCSE Tutor at the Taunton Centre, Somerset College, Wellington Road, Taunton. Taunton Deane Partnership College (22 Sept 2014 - 30 June 2015).  


Publications: Working on a book collecting all the research, thoughts and art created and explored during Cyprus and Spain residencies).  




PRU Art GCSE Tutor at the Taunton Centre, Somerset College, Wellington Road, Taunton. Taunton Deane Partnership College (22 Sept-30 June 2015)  INLAND FESTIVAL: C M R Gallery, Brick Lane West, Reduth, Cornwall | Sept 25th - 28th 2014.  Members’ exhibition as part of the Inland Art Festival. 


The Pilgrim's Journey: Personal Project based in part to mapping and negotiation concerning 'identity & relationships'.  Towns & cities forming part of the project include:  Málaga, Ronda, Sevilla, Granada, Cordoba, Belalcázar, Benalmedina, Merida, Madrid, Barcelona, Bilbao & Santander. 


La Fragua/ The Forge: Artist residency | June - July | Exploring new ideas and project based on history, time and mapping reality under the title of The Pilgrim. 


Our Time in Malaga: Salon Picasso, Malaca Instituto | May 5th - 10th | Drawings and Paintings by Merili Sugg, Maigi Olmer, Vallo Ruddsepp, Katrina Kolk and Adam R. Grose  Malaca Instituto: Flow & Art Residency | Feb 2nd - 2nd May | Permanent Installation of Art in Room 521, Club Hispanica, Malaga. 


Applied for funding for an art residency in Italy (Feb)  Applied for Nomada Residency in Barcelona (Accepted)   




Exhibition at Cyprus College of Art, Lempa. 'PARADOX: Prometheus, People and Place' Dec 13th 2013 - Jan 10th 2014


Retrospective of Work from the last five months  Exhibtion of two works at the Cornaro Institute, Larnaka, Cyprus.  Exhibited with Stass Paraskos and Andreas Efstathiou (Curator)  Oct 2013 - Dec 2013.  Works: Backgammon Portrait & Serpentinite 


Exhibition: Post-Grad Interim Show '8 Degrees South' Work: Sandstone Paintings 


Group Show Exhibition at Cyprus College of Art, Lempa with the July Summer School. Work: Van Gogh's Chair  Visiting Artist in Residence at the Cyprus College of Art in Lempa, Cyprus.  15th July 2013 - 15th Jan 2014 | Primary Education Saturday Workshop Tutor & Tutorial Tutor - Postgraduate Diploma Learner 


MAFA: A Year in Cornwall.  An explorative book work exploring the work produced during the Master Art Fine Art course at University College Falmouth (Falmouth University).  Creating a series of brush and ink drawings exploring photography and the gaze (Missing Series) 


Writing dialogue for Cosmogenesis trilogy with Illustrator Tony Suleri for Clown Press   




Exhibition at Karst Gallery, Plymouth | Dec 10th - 14th 2012 


Released 'M' Newspaper and Mindscape: Selected Works 1985-2011 by Clown Press, Sept 2012. 


M.A Final Show: University College Falmouth, Lamova House, Woodlane, Falmouth - Sept 8th - 10th. 


M.A Interim Show at Sieners, Perranporth, Cornwall.  'Aesthetic Forms and their Opposites' - March 25th - 29th. 


Curated M.A Interim show at the Pizza Express Gallery, ‘Strength through Diversity’ - Jan 13th - 21st.  Adam's research during the MA involved printed and digital photographic media exploring its rich visual language.  He investigated the role of representation and the reproducible image, leading to ideas based on: saturation, layering, manipulation, obscurity, artificial constructs, uncertainty, interpretation and the participatory relationship of providing a language to the perception of reality. 


Gained MAFA Contemporary Practice Degree from Falmouth Univerisity    2011 Studied an M.A. in Fine Art (Contemporary Practice) Oct 2011 - Sept 2012 at Falmouth University, Cornwall. 

Explored war and its effects on the socio-political world and contemporary society – exploring effects of constant conflict in the contemporary world and how it changes security,the rise of the monitoring state and how it affects the participants.  This has evolved through paintings, tracings and alternative media looking at connecting lines of communication and imagery in various media and how contributes to the perception of reality.   




An illustration of a ‘Scientific Priest’ was published in Ilex’s ‘Sci-Fi Art Now’ in Oct 2010. 


An exhibition co-curated with Dr Hannah Fearnley exploring ‘Freedom and Confinement’.  Bryanston School and YOI Portland students explored these words and meanings to create work in response to what these meant to them. 


‘Prelude to Expulsion’ (2001) sold in auction.     




Exhibited work as part of a group show at the Portland Arts Centre, Portland, Dorset.  


HMP Temeraire: Series of short stories exploring prison life.  


Phoenix: A Warrior’s Tale.  An onomatopoeia experiment (May 2009)    




Portraits  The Prison and Other Tales: Short tales exploring the world around me.  First Edition - perfect bound (Bristol: May 2008) 


Cover Artist and contributor for Reflections Magazine: Art. Poetry & Prose (Exeter)  Writing and Illustrating for other publishers including Accent UK, Sleepless Phoenix and Heske Horror.  




The Prison and Other Tales: Draft Edition– stitch binding (Bristol: May 2007).  Collected Trade Paperback of Cosmogenesis: The Chronicles of Quongo (550 pgs) published in December 2007.   




Art Tutor/ Lecturer for HMYOI Portland (Nov 2001 – Sept 2011)  Gained PGCE  BBC: Mock Turner Prize competition.  Shortlisted and voted seventh with 7.7% of the vote (777)   


Various student prize winners for the Koestler Art Competition – Yearly Prison Competition  Transco Competition - House of Lords visit due to one learner winning a Highly Commended Award (created due to the high level of the learner’s painting) in 2005 and another learner won 1st prize the following year.   




Exhibited a series of work based on the projections and outlines at Snaffles Cafe, Yeovil and at Bowen and Co., Martock.   




India, Hong Kong, Philippines, Australia, Fiji, USA and Mexico.   Phoenix: A Warrior's Tale, an onomatopoeia piece.   




Explored the use of shadow projections (figures and body parts) and instinctively using colour to build the image. 


Cosmogenesis: The Chronicles of Quongo. 


Gained FE City & Guilds Teaching Certificate     




Solo exhibition at the Blu Cafe in Bournemouth.  1996 


Group exhibition of work titled ‘Louder than Bombs’ at the Hansard Gallery, London.


Gained BA (Hons) Fine Art Degree.  1995  Southampton Institute


Where, What, When.  Institute Library Exhibition – Adam Grose, Nick Grove & Mark Reed.


2nd Year Selected Show – John Millais Gallery, Southampton Institute. 


1993 - 1996 


Southampton Institute of Art Studied BA (Hons) Fine Art Degree. 


1991 - 1993 


Somerset College of Art and Technology Studied BTEC ND in Art and Design: Fine Art.  


1987 - present 


Set up publishing company - Clown Press. 


Published a range of anthologies and graphic novels by Adam Grose, Tony Suleri and Others.  Sold at Yeovil College and through mail order via FEAR magazine and Comics International.


On-line company selling books via Lulu, Amazon, Newspaper Club and various conventions in the UK.

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