Adam Grose explores forms of layering, fragility, erasure and exposé that investigates the human condition under the theme of 'lost generations'. 


   His images are grounded in research from archives and local histories, exploring the legible and the erased, seeking to capture a sense of the passage of time.  He explores the photographic through the hand made, honing his drawing methods and techniques, forming images that resonate with a documentary sensibility. 


 Grose works with a limited palette of materials including: charcoal, gesso, black and white paint/ ink, limited colour palette, pewter, plaster and hand made pigment paints/ inks*, produced from collected rocks/ soils from around the world. 


 Through rubbing, stripping and erasing, these methods of working have evolved over the years, becoming symbolic for the fragility of information and cultures that seemingly have been erased or forgotten from our history**. 


Grose is a qualified PGCE art tutor and runs a variety of drawing, painting and print workshops with a wide range of learners. His previous positions include developing and delivering art programmes within Prison Education, PRUs, GCSE, A-Level and Postgraduate tutoring.

 Many of his works are collected in private and public collections in the UK (London, Taunton, Bristol, Minehead, Liverpool, Yorkshire, Falmouth, Penzance) and worldwide including China, Taiwan, United States (Texas, LA, New York), Australia, Europe (Spain, France, Switzerland, Estonia, Italy, Czech Republic, Germany), Monaco and many more. 


Adam Grose is a national and international exhibiting award winning artist.


* He has produced and used his own pigment paints since 1992 (Italy).

** Collective amnesia.


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