Descending from the heavens an ancient Demon has returned. Seeking revenge against those who destroyed his Skykeeper bretheren many eons ago, the demon Semiaz plans to forge a new royal bloodline of despotic rulers.

Follow Akiko Himura (Phoenix) and Osamu Kimura (Botanist) as they seek to bring an end to his burgeoning reign, removing the curse placed upon Akiko when she was a baby and extinguish the shadow of fear steadily growing upon Planet Ki (Kee).


This is a new series of short stories growing into an overarching story arc by Adam Grose.  Originally published as an onomatopoeia novella in 2009 by Adam Grose and Tony Suleri. 


Available to purchase as a kindle e-book from Amazon.

Phoenix Cover.jpg
Phoenix - one page strip inked main - ne
001 Rubicon
002 Tamai (Coming Soon)

Google Books: Preview

Down The Tubes: Review

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