Transfiguring Landscapes explores using rock and soil pigment samples collected from various sites, walks and travels within the U.K. and abroad.  Grose produces powdered pigments to use in paintings and printmaking, exploring ways of creating various forms of landscape art through producing work by having no or very little pre-conceived ideas and investigating making through accident and chance.


Liquid in the form of collected water carrying pigment and ink travel across these surfaces, seeking least resistance, forming their own path as material drifts across the surface: lines etched into the surface material, forming labyrinths of lines, responding to a transformed landscape of pigments and material.  This explores behavioural traits and natural processes, with the artist interacting and guiding, as lines and areas of pigment intervene and interact – transforming and forming new landscapes through and act of creativity.

The overarching idea explores forming imagery that resonates with the landscape around us, re-layering forms that seem on the surface as though it has been extracted directly from the surface of a rock or area, becoming a topographical representation.


Through drifting, settling, movement - these paintings become landscapes, igniting questions about the environment, soil, geology and natural forms of collaborating with nature to record and reveal ‘shamanic’ and 'Zen' inspired works to produce songlines of nature.  

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