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Phoenix: A Warrior's Tale
Cosmogenesis: The Chronicles of Quongo
The Prison & Other Tales
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Cosmogenesis: The Chronicles of Quongo

An epic 550 page sci-fi fantasy adventure following the exploits of Quongo, a simian who has found himself in a galaxy far from his own.  As he seeks a way back to his home, other forces are preparing for an approaching revelation.


Three thousand six hundred solaris ago, the greatest oracle that ever lived foretold an alternative future:


'Those who were shall be again, First to the last of Mankind's reign, One will return to set them free, All will then be able to see.'


Hunbatz Men. Shaman Oracle of the Niberian Council. 3 Kawak 2 K'ank'in.

The Merlot Empire, House of La-Mat and Nom-Yakk.

Five hundred solaris ago, the Anuchi Dynasty, after two hundred solaris of rule, came to an abrupt end. The ensuing turmoil and chaos brought many civil wars to the known galaxy. The Merlot Empire and the House of La-Mat rose in power.


 Fifty solaris ago, The Merlot Empire instigated civil unrest leading to civil war against The House of La-Mat. The Psionic War led to millions of men, women and children dying as they tried to bring order out of chaos. The United Realms of Nom-Yakk was formed.

 After three thousand solaris, the final phase of a grand planetary cycle nears completion in the Gen-Sai system. Hidden forces on the desert planet Caban prepare for the Resurrection of the Lightbringer...


The return of Zero Point.

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