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A wide selection of books published by Adam Grose available from Amazon.
Clown Press
Free on-line Clown Press comics and other updates.
A monograph collecting a selection of the work created during time spent studying on the Master of Fine Art at Falmouth University.
Art as Transformer
An essay on the relationships between painting, photography and mediation.
Black Knight
An anthology of short stories exploring a range of genres and subjects by Adam Grose, Tony Suleri and Max Deacon.
An onomatopoeia comic book novella by Adam Grose and Tony Suleri.
The Prison
An anthology of short stories exploring a range of genres and tales grounded in the human condition.
Blurb Books
A selection of art books available from Blurb publications by Adam Grose.
Lulu Books
A selection of books and comics available from Lulu books by Adam Grose.
The Skull of Muluc

Three thousand six hundred solaris ago, the greatest oracle that ever lived foretold an alternative future:

'Those who were shall be again, First to the last of Mankind's reign, One will return to set them free, All will then be able to see.'
Bloodlines: Rise of the Anuchi.

Eighteen lunas have passed since the battle on Caban and the successful end to the Guardians plan to control and dominate the galaxy. Four lunas ago, King Mochica passed away at his pleasure retreat on Planet Edo. Since his death, several systems of the U.R.N. have spiralled out of control and into civil unrest. Delegates and Representatives are calling for an end to Monarchal Rule and Ancestral Peerage.
The Sword of Xian

Quongo learns of an atrefact that will charge his future and the direction of his life.
Armageddon: Division.

The United Defence of Sipano has recently released a report to the council of the U.R.N. revealing disturbing news of a revived Anuchi controlling the current events from the comfort of the Merlot Empire. The increasing attacks on the Economic and Industrial worlds of the U.R.N. has spawned widespread fear throughout the galaxy. President D'Lanair has been trying to pass a draft resolution, thirteen-nine, for the legal use of a Tri-Sol Army.
The Shadow Falls

The veil is lifted and the truth is revealed to the URN. The forces of darkness rise to take control of the galaxy and bring forth a new galactic order.
Rebirth: The Return.

Three sols have passed since Quongo received the spirit of Racocha, succumbing to a coma at the Temple of Everlasting Light, upon Planet Xpotec.
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Adam Grose's writing and comic strips can be viewed here at Clown Press or you can purchase digital and printed comics via Amazon, Lulu or Blurb.  Alternatively you can contact us for further details about purchasing a particular book as we have some in stock at the studio including limited edition copies of Cosmogenesis: The Chronicles of Quongo, Phoenix: A Warrior's Tale, The Prison and Other Tales and copies of Sleepless Phoenix.


All work is delivered securely packaged, tracked and insured with worldwide delivery, dispatched 3 to 7 days.

Please contact us about any work you are interested in, including digital art, and we will forward details about cost and delivery.  Once confirmed an invoice will be drawn up via PayPal and e-mailed to enable you to purchase securely or alternative payment can be arranged.  ​ Alternatively you can click 'purchase' to view what is available to purchase via PayPaldirect from the artist's studio.


'Purchasing direct from the artist's studio has the advantage of making significant cost

savings due to no commission.'


Commissions, bespoke art requests and offers are also welcome.  We are a friendly, supportive, customer service driven studio from enquiry to purchase to final delivery of an original work that will last a lifetime and generations beyond. 


For more information and details please contact here.

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